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How to reinstall Windows 10 and start again in a big way

Are you wondering  how to reinstall Windows 10 ? After trying to repair the registry, your PC continues to give you problems. You may have some slowdown in the operating system, it could be some sort of data corruption or perhaps malware has taken over your PC . Whatever the reason, restoring Windows 10 isn't that difficult. Here are all the methods to reinstall Windows 10!

How to reinstall Windows 10, what to do first

Before reinstalling Windows 10, there are a few things you should do first. Of course, depending on the level of damage, you may not be able to do all this, but we recommend doing it anyway:

Back up your data : a complete system wipe will delete all apps and files on your PC. You should try to backup everything to a flash drive or  external hard drive ,  if you can.
Connect your Windows 10 product key to your  Microsoft account : Microsoft uses it as a kind of validation method. If you don't, you may not be able to activate Windows 10.

Take some time  - It takes some time to reinstall Windows 10 (or restore) an entire operating system. I advise you not to do it shortly before going to bed or during your lunch break at work.

Here's how to link the Windows 10 product key to your Microsoft account:

Open  Settings , click  Update and Security , then click  Activation . Make sure your current copy of Windows is activated.

Then, open  Settings  and go to  Accounts  and then to  Information . Select the option to sign in with your Microsoft account. Follow the procedure until you are signed in to your Microsoft account.
Go back to  Update and Security  and click  Activation . The menu should indicate that your license is linked to your Microsoft account. Restart your PC if it doesn't appear immediately. Okay, we're ready to reinstall Windows 10!

1. Recovery of the operating system

Restoring the operating system works just like restoring a phone to factory settings. It removes everything except the basic operating system components and it is just as if you had just installed Windows for the first time. In many cases, this is easier, faster and safer than reinstalling Windows 
10. This is how it works:

Open  Settings , go to  Update and security . In the left margin, click on the Restore option  .
The first option at the top should be to  restore this PC .

Click the start button  . The operating system offers you the possibility of a complete recovery to remove everything or a software recovery that allows you to keep your files. Select the desired option.

Continue to follow the instructions until the system starts  Data recovery.
Once completed, it's practically like turning your computer back on for the first time. This will uninstall all your apps, restore Windows 10 and ease many problems in the process. A complete reinstallation is not always necessary.

Complete walkthrough on how to restore Windows 10

2. From recovery

Sometimes the damage is so serious that you can't get into the operating system. Don't worry, there are still many things you can do. Again, the easiest and fastest method here is PC recovery, but this time from the recovery options.

Windows 10 should immediately boot into Advanced Boot Options mode   if it cannot otherwise boot. If not, it should give you the option to do so if it is unable to start Windows. If you can start Windows, proceed with method 1 above.

From the Advanced Boot Options , you should be able to restore your PC exactly as with Method 1. Just select it from the list of options and follow the instructions as usual.

The first and second methods are hard resets, but not technically installations. However, they are highly recommended as a first step in troubleshooting since it is not necessary to reinstall Windows 10 and lose all data in the process.

3. Reinstall Windows 10 with a recovery drive

Okay, so PC recovery isn't something you can do. We are now ready for other hardcore options, such as a real reinstall of Windows 10. The first step here is to get your hands on a flash drive or other media that can boot into Windows 10. No doubt you will need another PC to do this if the current one is out of order.

Create your recovery drive

For this you will need a flash drive and a working Windows PC. Next, follow these steps:
Connect the USB drive to the working Windows 10 PC.

Press the start button (the Windows key) and type "Create a recovery drive". Select the option when it appears in the search results.

A window will appear. Make sure that the option Back up system files on the recovery drive is checked and then go ahead.

Select the USB drive from the list of options and press the Create button  .
After a while, you will have a recovery drive. Here is the Microsoft tutorial  if you need further clarification.

·         Reinstall Windows 10 from a recovery drive
·         Connect the recovery drive to the computer you are trying to repair.
·         At startup, press the ESC key   to access the boot menu. Select the USB stick as the recovery drive. Note that the computer may use a button other than ESC to restart.

·         Once started, select the keyboard layout and you will get access to the recovery menu.
·         Select Solve  first  problem , then restore from a drive . Follow the instructions to start the recovery.
·         This method is basically the same as a hard reset. You will lose all your apps and files.

The computer should function as if it had been reset to factory state after doing everything I wrote in the tutorial. You load Windows 10 for the first time, log in to your Microsoft account and start the app and file recovery process if you have backed up.

4. Reinstall Windows 10 with an installation drive

This is probably the most hardcore method of reinstalling Windows 10 and is the one we recommend only if you want to completely erase your PC. It will completely clean your C drive. You will need to download some drivers again, along with any software to manage your computer such as fan speed or keyboard lighting. Make sure to back up your files because you won't restore them with this.
Okay, here's how. For this you will need at least a working PC and a flash drive.

Create or get an installation drive

Download the  Microsoft Media Creation Tool by clicking here . You also need to connect the flash drive and make sure it is larger than 8 GB.

Run the media creation tool with administrator privileges.
Follow the instructions until you are asked if you want to update your PC or create installation media. Choose to create installation media.

Continue to follow the instructions until you are asked if you want an ISO or use a flash drive. A flash drive is recommended, but you can select an ISO if you intend to burn a DVD instead.
Continue to follow the instructions and the tool will create the installation drive for you. It will take some time so go for a snack while you wait. When finished, you will have a Windows 10 installation drive.

Alternatively, you can purchase a  DVD  or  USB copy from Amazon .

Use the installer to reinstall Windows 10

·         There are several methods and the best ones depend on whether or not the computer starts. If it starts, follow these steps:

·         Open the file browser, switch to the flash drive and double-click (or right-click and select Open) the installation file  .

·         Follow the instructions normally. The installation process will find updates and verify that your PC is ready for installation.

·         At some point you will be asked if you want to keep or replace certain files. Click the Change what to keep message  to keep apps and files, only your files, or to delete everything.
·         Confirm your selections and START. The PC will restart several times during the installation.
·         If the computer does not start, follow these steps

·         Turn on the computer and press the ESC button  to display the boot menu. Your laptop or PC could use a different key for this.

Alternatively, you can boot into the BIOS by pressing the DEL key on   startup and then selecting to boot from USB or DVD from there. Your computer or laptop may use a different key to boot into the BIOS.

Boot from the installation media (USB or DVD) via the BIOS or the boot menu.
A Windows installation screen should appear. Select your language, time format and keyboard layout, then click Next .
The next screen will ask you to enter the product key. Laptop owners can find it on the sticker on the bottom of the computer. Desktop owners will need to find their serial. You can skip this step and insert it later if you don't have it available. Click   Skip  or  Next  if necessary. Accept the license terms on the next screen and also click   Next .

You can now select Update or Custom Installation  of Windows 10. An update keeps your files, apps and other data with a reinstall of Windows 10. A custom installation will thoroughly clean your computer and start you from scratch. Select what you want.

Continue to follow the instructions. The installation of the update is quite clear. However, the custom installation is a little more complicated. Click here to see  a screen-by-screen tutorial from Microsoft  .
The computer should restart several times during the process and eventually boot into Windows 10. Continue the installation as usual. Remember that you can reinstall Windows 10 whenever you want, but it should be done sparingly. You are rewriting the entire hard drive with a new operating system and there are challenges that come with it. However, with the tutorial above, you should be able to do it safely.

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